Balance Cotton Yoga Mat by Arka – Non Slip – Blue – Natural – Eco – Friendly – Non Toxic – Washable – Skin Friendly – Easily Foldable – Anti Bacterial – Biodegradable – Designer – Extra Long 72 x 24 inches, Thickness – 4mm

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Maintaining a balance of the mind, body, and soul is necessary to live a happy and fulfilled life. Yoga is the technology to create this balance and your YOGA mat provides the awareness for the same.

This mat is unique since a lot of thought and practice has gone into deciding the most appropriate material, texture, size, and design. The mat is HANDMADE from cotton fibers and woven by expert weavers in India. The mat has a special ANTI SKID treatment at the bottom which allows you to practice the toughest Yoga posture with ease on the smoothest surface.

The mat can be hand washed in cold water, using a mild detergent. The weight of the mat is just perfect so it can easily be carried while traveling, folded as per your convenience and yet provide the perfect cushioning and strong connection to the floor. Remember, ‘Change is Natural’. Printed dyes might fade with time, which is not a defect but a character of the print. At the physical level, yoga can create harmony amongst the various organs and systems of the body, allowing the healing powers inherent in the body to work and cure physical ailments or stay physically healthy with abundant energy. At the mental level, yoga is the harmony between mind, heart, and hands or between thought, speech and action.

At the spiritual level, yoga aims to destroy the individual ego that stands between the individual and the cosmos, thus helping the individual attain the ultimate truth. The Arka YOGA mat is thus your constant reminder to develop and this balance. As Yogis, we are not only responsible for ourselves but also for our society and environment at large thus practicing yoga on a mat that will ultimately end up clogging a landfill for decades to come is unacceptable to us. Typical PVC mats contain phthalates – substances that have been linked to health issues and have a negative impact on the environment and thus we recommend the use of COTTON Yoga mats.

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100% Cotton Yoga Mat



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